In partnership with Blick Art Materials, I would like to present to you my favorite supplies! As you know, I have a ****wee**** art supply problem, so I regularly update this list to reflect what I’m currently working with! PS this is an affiliate link FYI.


Oh you KNOW I love fat and juicy paints and these professional acrylics from Blick do not disappoint. They are made in Brooklyn, which WAY elevates the coolness factor, and there’s tons of amazing colors. I can get by on three (listed below), but there are tons of amazing colors in their palette. Also very important is a nice big bucket of white and the gloss medium and modeling paste extender. I use two shapes of palette knifes exclusively—the knife style for layering and the diamond style for mixing. I also usually use a disposable paint palette and I LOVE this grey one because it makes the color tones and values POP. But white palettes are cool too.



You know I like to make me some petri, so here are the basics!


Silicone mold

This product is not at Blick’s website quite yet but you can buy something like it in the baking section of most stores!


Watercolor & Gouache

The BEST watercolor set is my own (ahem), available HERE, but if you must look elsewhere I do recommend the Daniel Smith tubes. I’ve listed my absolute FAVORITE colors. Also listed: my FAVE buttery chaulky opaque and sexy Holbein Acryla gouache and other basic tools for watercoloring. Plus my favorite budget paper!